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1. Go to:

2. Log in (there’s a log-in tab at the upper right-hand corner of the screen). If you have logged in, but do not appear logged in, try pressing CTRL-SHIFT-R.

3. Enter the work you’ve written about to the search bar on the left side of the page—e.g. Lawrence’s Birds, Beasts and Flowers.

4. Hopefully, there is no entry yet written on this topic, in which case you should get the message:

There is no page titled "Birds, Beasts and Flowers". You can create this page.

5. Click “create this page” to get the following screen:


6. Paste your entry into the blank box. Formatting will be lost, but you can use the formatting toolbar to italicize titles, etc. For your primary source you can just cite parenthetically, with one footnote listing the edition you are using. For others, you can insert a footnote using the icon Image:Posting_image_R.jpg. This will bring up a dialog box in which you can give the bibliographical info:


Once you’ve filled this in and hit “OK,” two icons will appear in the text of your wiki:


Leave the first, smaller one, adjacent to the sentence in the text. Move the second to the bottom of your entry; it is code that will reproduce all subsequent citations as footnotes.

7. When you finish, hit “Save this page” at the bottom of the screen.

8. Please email to let him know that you have created a new page. He will index it by author and year.

Don't forget to sign your entries so that you get credit for your hard work!

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