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Letter from W.B. Yeats to James Joyce concerning relief for Joyce's financial hardships George Painter writing about Marcel Proust's polemic against literature content with exterior re
T. S. Eliot on Ulysses Spengler's success in the twenties
Rebecca West on R.C. Sheriff's Journey's End and Siegfried Sassoon's Memoir Siegfried Sassoon's pre-War poetry
Siegfried Sassoon's Memoirs War Memoirs and the "War Boom" of 1929-1930
Edmund Blunden and Siegfried Sassoon on Cricket Siegfried Sassoon on Horses and Modernity
Siegfried Sassoon on Hunting and Class The relationship between Siegfried Sassoon and George Sherston
Excerpt from Siegfried Sassoon's fourth, unpublished autobiography Marcel Proust's Influence on Siegfried Sassoon, according to Sassoon's biographer
Siegfried Sassoon on writing Memoirs of a Fox-Hunting Man (excerpt from his unpublished T.E. Lawrence on Siegfried Sassoon
Robert Graves describes meeting Siegfried Sassoon in the Royal Welch Fusiliers John Middleton Murry on Counter-Attack and Other Poems
Robert Graves describing Siegfried Sassoon as a soldier Robert Graves' reaction to Siegfried Sassoon's "Soldier's Protest"
James Joyce's analysis of his "Nausicaa" Episode Ezra Pound compares the poetry of the "pagans" to the poetry of the "monotheists"
Ezra Pound reconsiders sending a copy of Cantos to Thomas Hardy Ezra Pound reconsiders sending a copy of Cantos to Thomas Hardy
Ezra Pound on competition within literary movements Ezra Pound on cleaning the literature of a country
Ezra Pound on the rise of the Objectivists Ezra Pound complains to the editor of English Journal about critiques of his "Homage to Sextus Propertius"
Ezra Pound comments on a reading method proper for his Cantos Ezra Pound discerns the quality of Laurence Binyon's translation of Dante's Divina Commedia
Ezra Pound spells out how Social Credit economics would be beneficial to literary production Ezra Pound on the nature of editing
Amy Lowell's "bandwagon" Letter from Beckett to Sighle Kennedy mentioning Joyce and Proust's influence, or lack thereof June 14, 067
Thomas Hardy is born June 2, 1840 Leslie Stephen becomes convinced that "Noah's Flood was a fiction" 1862
Wilde wins a scholarship to Trinity College, Dublin 1871 Hardy publishes first novel, "Desperate Remedies" March 25, 1871
Hardy publishes "Under the Greenwood Tree" June 1872 Wilde wins a classics scholarship 1873