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Woolf reviews "The Feminine Note in Fiction" January 4, 1905 Woolf begins her note for her father's biography January 9, 1905
Woolf receives her first wages, reviews "Women in America" January 10, 1905 Joyce sends all completed chapters of Stephen Hero to Stanislaus January 13, 1905
Joyce reads Henry James's essay on Baudelaire January 13, 1905 Woolf lectures on prose at Morley College January 16, 1905
Joyce reconceives 'Christmas Eve' as 'Hallow Eve' and finishes it January 19, 1905 Joyce on Nora's indifference to art January 19, 1905
Woolf reviews Henry James's The Golden Bowl February 1905 Woolf writes on Charles Dickens and William Makepeace Thackeray February 1905
Joyce completes Ch. XVII and XVIII of Stephen Hero February 1905 - March 15, 1905 Woolf translates Thucydides February 2, 1905
Woolf is commissioned to review Henry James's The Golden Bowl February 7, 1905 Joyce hints at leaving Nora February 7, 1905
Woolf struggles to review Henry James's The Golden Bowl February 9, 1905 - February 10, 1905 Woolf lectures on Benvenuto Cellini February 14, 1905
Woolf applauds Aristotle's "Poetics" as literary criticism February 21, 1905 - February 22, 1905 Woolf publishes an essay on "The Value of Laughter" February 27, 1905
Woolf writes "The Decay of Essay Writing" February 28, 1905 Joyce's reading in Pola February 28, 1905
Joyce announces his state of exile to Stanislaus February 28, 1905 Joyce and Nora leave Pola for Trieste March 1905
Joyce's political views and artistic goals change in Trieste March 1905 Woolf reviews Henry James's The Golden Bowl at age 23 March 1905
Woolf reads Sophocles "Oedipus Tyrannus" March 3, 1905 Woolf lectures on the Greek myths March 8, 1905
Woolf wants to study Walter Pater March 13, 1905 Woolf is relieved to write, "not for any editor" March 14, 1905
Woolf notes the first of the Thursday Evenings March 16, 1905 Joyce completes Ch. XIX and XX of Stephen Hero April 4, 1905
Joyce identifies Vincent Cosgrave as Lynch April 4, 1905 Woolf visits Henry Fielding's tomb April 10, 1905
Woolf argues the ethics of suicide with Vanessa Stephen April 30, 1905 Joyce completes Ch. XXI of Stephen Hero May 1905
Joyce, Chamber Music lost, and a second copy rejected, by Grant Richards May 1905 Joyce and Nora (pregnant) turned out of rooms in Trieste May 2, 1905
Joyce is writing a "summary of English literature" May 2, 1905 Joyce says he has the opinions of a "socialistic artist" May 2, 1905
Joyce "moping in and out of the Greek Churches" in Trieste May 2, 1905 Joyce finishes rewriting 'A Painful Case' May 8, 1905