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Joyce: source of the name Mrs. Sinico in 'A Painful Case' June 1905 Joyce, John Lane rejects Chamber Music June 1905
Joyce finishes Ch. XXII-XXIV of Stephen Hero June 7, 1905 Joyce is taking singing lessons in Trieste June 11, 1905
Joyce announces plans for his book Provincials July 1905 Joyce, William Heinemann rejects Chamber Music July 1905
Joyce praises Emma Clery section in Stephen Hero July 12, 1905 Joyce writes on his marriage, the relation between the sexes July 12, 1905
Joyce finishes writing 'The Boarding House' July 13, 1905 Joyce finishes writing 'Counterparts' July 16, 1905
Joyce's reading of The Vicar of Wakefield causes uneasiness about Dubliners July 19, 1905 Joyce's son Giorgio is born; he includes the ensuing slanderous scandal in Exiles July 27, 1905
Woolf notes Vanessa's initial refusal of Clive Bell's marriage proposal August 27, 1905 Joyce finishes writing 'A Mother' September 1905
Joyce writes Stanislaus about the structure of Dubliners September 1905 Joyce verified many details of Dubliners through Stanislaus September 1905 - December 1905
Joyce finishes writing 'Ivy Day in the Committee Room' September 1, 1905 Joyce finishes writing 'An Encounter' September 18, 1905
Joyce's opinions on Turgénieff, Korolenko, Lermontoff, Gorky, and Tolstoy September 18, 1905 Joyce calls paternity a "legal fiction" in a letter September 18, 1905
Joyce compares Stephen Hero to Lermontoff September 24, 1905 Proust's remarks concerning his mother's death September 27, 1905
Joyce finishes writing 'Araby' and 'Grace' October 1905 Joyce, Constable & Co. rejects Chamber Music October 1905
Proust's grief concerning his mother's death October 1905 Joyce on Renan's Vie de Jesus October 10, 1905
Joyce comments on Turgenev October 10, 1905 Joyce writes to Grant Richards about the distinctiveness of Dubliners October 15, 1905
Stanislaus leaves Dublin to join Joyce in Trieste October 20, 1905 Joyce receives (from Vincent Cosgrave) Gogarty's "Song of the Cheerful Jaysus" October 29, 1905
Joyce sends an early version of Dubliners to Grant Richards for consideration December 3, 1905 Joyce predicts "some alteration" in his relations with Nora December 4, 1905
Joyce conceives of five stories that were never written 1906 Joyce rejects Morrison's Tales of Mean Streets 1906
Joyce on Turgenev's Smoke and A Sportsman's Notebook 1906 - 1907 Joyce, Rome changes his view of Ireland and "The Dead" embodies this 1906 - 1907
Joyce, reasons for writing 'The Dead' when he did 1906 - 1907 Eliot sees his first image of a wasteland in Boston 1906
Woolf writes "Note on Father" 1906 Woolf comments on Homer's The Odyssey 1906