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Woolf describes living in Bloomsbury 1906 Eliot prowls the slums, searching for Baudelaire's 'sordid aspects of the modern metropolis 1906
Henry James on the mimesis of the novel and its link with painting 1906 Joyce writes 'A Little Cloud' February 1906 - April 1906
Hardy publishes the second part of "The Dynasts" February 9, 1906 Joyce, Grant Richards accepts Dubliners February 17, 1906
Joyce sends Richards 'Two Gallants' which causes censorship in other stories February 22, 1906 Joyce, Grant Richards signs a contract for Dubliners March 1906
Joyce, Richards informs Joyce of changes in Dubliners April 23, 1906 Joyce responds to requests to "supress" or "modify" "Two Gallants" April 26, 1906
Joyce asks Richards about the objections of the printer to 'Two Gallants' May 5, 1906 Joyce calls Dubliners a "step toward the spiritual liberation" of Ireland May 20, 1906
Woolf dislikes writers who "wallow in emotions" June 1906 Joyce, Richards agrees to include 'Two Gallants' June 1906
Joyce on the importance of Dubliners to civilization June 22, 1906 Woolf reflects on Gustave Flaubert and George Sand July 1906
Joyce sends Richards a revised Dubliners manuscript July 9, 1906 Joyce arrives in Rome with Nora and Giorgio July 31, 1906
Joyce revises 'A Painful Case' and 'After the Race' August 1906 Joyce finds fault with Moore's The Lake but uses it in Portrait August 1906 - September 1906
Joyce sees Wagner's Sigfried August 2, 1906 Joyce works for a bank in Rome August 2, 1906
Joyce writes on becoming disillusioned August 12, 1906 Joyce defends his "socialistic tendencies" in a letter to his brother August 12, 1906
Joyce starts reading The Picture of Dorian Gray and his reading criteria August 16, 1906 Joyce, Richards claims he cannot publish Dubliners September 1906
Joyce consults a lawyer about Richards's breach of contract September 1906 Woolf visits the Parthenon September 1906
Woolf compares ancient and modern Greece September 1906 Woolf visits St. Sophia in Constantinople September 1906
Woolf writes on women wearing the veil in Constantinople September 1906 Woolf visits a mosque in Constantinople September 1906
Lawrence critiques women's writing September 1906 Joyce comments on his difficulty in maintaining male friendships September 6, 1906
Joyce writes about his separation from Catholicism, his embrace of socialism September 25, 1906 Joyce considers buying Bret Harte's Gabriel Conroy September 25, 1906
Joyce endorses Arthur Griffith's nationalist position September 25, 1906 Joyce writes Stanislaus having conceived a short story called 'Ulysses' September 30, 1906
St. Lo Malet helps Joyce compose some legalistic letters to Richards October 1906 - November 1906 Joyce, Symons recommends Chamber Music to Elkin Mathews October 9, 1906