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Joyce carefully criticizes Hauptmann's Rosa Bernd October 9, 1906 Joyce comments on Italian socialist politics October 9, 1906
Woolf's brother Thoby Stephen becomes ill with typhoid October 14, 1906 Joyce: "A page of A Little Cloud gives me more pleasure than all my verses." October 18, 1906
Joyce, Richards again states his decision not to publish Dubliners October 19, 1906 Lawrence's professor critiques his writing October 29, 1906
Joyce fact checks for 'Grace' in the Biblioteca Vittorio Emanuele November 1906 Joyce on the melodrama and dullness of two Gissing novels November 1906
Woolf does not reveal Thoby Stephen's death, marks the beginning of his fictionalization November 1906 - December 1906 Joyce expresses sympathy with Irish nationalism November 6, 1906
Joyce praises the socialist Antonio Labriola November 6, 1906 Joyce summarizes Ferrero's discussion of anti-Semitism, Marxism November 13, 1906
Joyce writes on the "sexual department" of his soul November 13, 1906 Joyce: three bombs are detonated during Joyce's stay in Rome November 14, 1906 - November 20, 1906
Woolf feels that Clive Bell has no character November 19, 1906 Joyce offers Dubliners to John Long November 20, 1906
Woolf announces Vanessa's engagement to Clive Bell November 24, 1906 Woolf reads the sermons on the death of Christina Rossetti November 28, 1906
Eliot is placed on probation 'for working at a lower rate than most Freshmen' December 1906 - February 1907 Joyce, having read Hardy's Life's Little Ironies, complains of its lack of realism December 3, 1906
Joyce tires of Italy, this sentiment in Ulysses December 7, 1906 Joyce admires Mirbeau's Sebastien Roch December 7, 1906
Joyce is sick of Rome, Italy, Italians December 7, 1906 Joyce praises Whitman December 7, 1906
Woolf prefers the Poems of John Keats to the Bible December 15, 1906 Woolf suppresses the news of Thoby's death to Violet Dickinson for nearly a month December 18, 1906
Woolf writes to Clive Bell about his courtship of Vanessa December 20, 1906 Woolf reads Christina Rossetti and John Keats December 25, 1906
Woolf comments on Vanessa's courtship with Clive Bell December 30, 1906 Woolf believes John Keats is the "greatest of all" poets December 30, 1906
Joyce's "The Dead" echoes W.B. Yeats's Cathleen ni Houlihan 1907 Joyce bases ending of 'The Dead' on Moore's Vain Fortune 1907
Joyce borrows a simile from the Iliad at the end of 'The Dead' 1907 Joyce tells Stanislaus Ulysses would depict an Irish Faust 1907 - 1909
Eliot is a student of George Herbert Palmer 1907 Eliot cannot take American poets 'seriously' 1907 - 1909
Joyce's composition style in "The Dead" is similar to T.S. Eliot's 1907 Joyce contrasts himself with Kipling January 10, 1907
Joyce gets word that Gogarty's mother is "beastly dead" January 10, 1907 Woolf has a flirtation with Clive Bell February 1907 - May 1908