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Joyce gives up on 'Ulysses' temporarily February 6, 1907 Joyce reads Maupassant February 6, 1907
Henry James describes the Stephen sisters February 7, 1907 Joyce grudgingly praises Anatole France February 11, 1907
Joyce has difficulty starting "The Dead" after a riot over a John Synge play February 11, 1907 Joyce writes Stanislaus to say Anatole France inspired two stories in Dubliners February 11, 1907
Joyce comments on Yeats, Synge, the Abbey Theatre Riots February 11, 1907 Joyce mentions a procession for Giordano Bruno in Rome February 16, 1907
Joyce, John Long rejects Dubliners February 21, 1907 Joyce, Prezioso commissions three articles on the evils of empire in Ireland March 1907
Joyce, Mathews sends page proofs of Chamber Music to Joyce March 1907 Woolf intermittently participates in the suffrage movement March 1907
Joyce comments on Bruno, heresy March 1, 1907 Joyce, Nora, and Giorgio arrive in Trieste from Rome March 7, 1907
Joyce writes his first Ireland article for Il Piccolo della Sera March 22, 1907 Joyce hesistates before Stanislaus convinces him to publish Chamber Music April 1907
Woolf believes Vanessa Bell was "made for marriage" April 12, 1907 Joyce receives an angry letter from his father April 24, 1907
Joyce gives a lecture on Ireland at the Università del Popolo in Trieste April 27, 1907 Joyce, Arthur Symons writes the first review of Chamber Music for The Nation May 1907 - June 22, 1907
Joyce, Elkin Mathews publishes Chamber Music May 1907 Joyce's renews admiration for Synge after the Abbey Theatre riot May 5, 1907
Joyce accuses Ibsen (and Synge) of being too simple May 16, 1907 Joyce writes his second Ireland article for Il Piccolo della Sera May 19, 1907
Joyce's Chamber Music reviewed by Thomas Kettle in the Freeman's Journal June 1, 1907 Joyce comes down with rheumatic fever July 1907 - September 1907
Joyce plans his work for the next seven years during his illness July 1907 - December 1907 Joyce's main ambition is writing a play; meditation on theme of jealousy July 17, 1907
Joyce, Nora gives birth to Lucia July 26, 1907 Woolf reads Henry James and Gustave Flaubert August 18, 1907
Woolf discusses writing over tea with Henry James August 25, 1907 Joyce quits the Scuola Berlitz and begins private English lessons September 1907 - October 1907
Joyce finishes 'The Dead' during his illness, dictates ending to Stanislaus September 6, 1907 - September 20, 1907 Joyce tells Stanislaus how he plans to rewrite Stephen Hero September 8, 1907
Joyce writes his third Ireland article for Il Piccolo della Sera September 16, 1907 Woolf believes that "happiness and sorrow are equally good," if only you can find the form September 22, 1907
Mansfield, "Vignettes" October 1, 1907 Woolf commences work on The Voyage Out October 15, 1907
Lawrence writes to Reverend Reid on his modified religious beliefs October 15, 1907 Joyce, Mathews rejects second Dubliners manuscript November 1907