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Mansfield, "Silhouettes" November 1, 1907 Woolf spends time with Henry James November 6, 1907
Joyce, Stanislaus writes on Joyce's conception of his story 'Ulysses' November 10, 1907 Joyce finishes revising the first chapter of Stephen Hero November 29, 1907
Woolf describes the atmosphere of Oxford as the "chilliest and least human known to me" December 1907 Joyce agrees to help Gogarty publish, eventually inserts some in Ulysses December 1907 - January 1908
Mansfield, "In a Cafe" and "In the Botanical Gardens" December 2, 1907 Lawrence describes his religious beliefs December 3, 1907
Lawrence writes on God and Christ December 3, 1907 Joyce is displeased with the first chapter of Stephen Hero December 15, 1907
Bloomsbury begins theatrical readings December 27, 1907 Joyce sees Ghosts and reflects on Zacconi acting outside the text 1908
Joyce attends Turgenev's Il Pane Altrui 1908 Joyce, Ellmann says he probably went to the futurist exhibiton held in Trieste 1908
Woolf writes "Reminiscences" 1908 Woolf asks for Clive Bell to critique The Voyage Out 1908
Woolf develops a life-long friendship with Lytton Strachey 1908 Hardy publishes the third part of "The Dynasts" January 1908
Joyce, Alston Rivers rejects second Dubliners manuscript February 1908 Joyce, Hone asks to see the second Dubliners manuscript but Joyce refuses February 1908
Joyce criticizes Hamlet for its dramatic blunders February 6, 1908 Joyce rejects the psychological novel February 21, 1908
Joyce attends a performance of Rosmersholm February 28, 1908 Joyce on Ibsen's repetitive drama and characters March 2, 1908
Joyce sends Dubliners to Maunsel & Co. April 1908 Joyce finishes revising the second and third chapters of Stephen Hero April 7, 1908
Woolf dreams of Sir Leslie Stephen scorning The Voyage Out April 15, 1908 Woolf is bored by general conversation, but is excited by her imagination May 1908
Joyce receives his first attack of iritis May 1908 Woolf and Clive Bell's reciprocal solicitude for each other turns into flirtation May 6, 1908
Katherine Mansfield enrolls at Wellington Technical School May 8, 1908 Woolf doubts that she will ever have children May 13, 1908
Lawrence decides to become a writer May 13, 1908 Lawrence considers his soul to be a "great asset" and a "great misfortune" May 13, 1908
Woolf sees a play by Somserset Maugham May 18, 1908 Mansfield, "The Lonesome Child" June 6, 1908
Lawrence is influenced by Sarah Bernhardt's performance in "La Dame aux Camelias" June 15, 1908 - June 25, 1908 Lawrence describes his "philosophy" June 25, 1908
Lawrence disapproves of systematic reading June 25, 1908 Joyce, Edward Arnold rejects second Dubliners manuscript July 1908