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Hardy publishes "A Pair of Blue Eyes" May 1873 Hardy publishes Far from the Madding Crowd January 1874
Wilde wins a Demyship in Classics at Magdalen College, Oxford June 23, 1874 Hardy marries Emma Lavinia Gifford October 17, 1874
Wilde examines early illuminated manuscripts June 15, 1875 Wilde visits galleries in Italy, admiring Titian June 24, 1875
Wilde admires a work by Giotto June 24, 1875 Hardy publishes "The Hand of Ethelberta" April 3, 1876
Wilde ranks first in his Oxford exams July 10, 1876 Wilde knew he ranked first in his exams, before official notice July 10, 1876
Wilde admires Elizabeth Barrett Browning's Aurora Leigh

July 26, 1876
Wilde meets Florence Balcombe August 1876
Wilde publishes two poems in Irish publications September 6, 1876 Wilde agonizes over whether to become a Catholic March 3, 1877
Wilde publishes "The Grosvenor Gallery" in the Dublin University Magazine

April 30, 1877
Wilde considers the grave of John Keats May 17, 1877
Wilde publishes the sonnet "The Grave of Keats" July 1877 Wilde receives a letter from Walter Pater July 19, 1877
Wilde publishes an article on painter Henry O'Neill December 29, 1877 Wilde receives the Newdigate Prize for his poem "Ravenna"

March 31, 1878 - June 10, 1878
Wilde receives a Double First on his Oxford exams July 19, 1878 Hardy publishes "The Return of the Native" November 4, 1878
Wilde wants to translate Herodotus March 22, 1879 Wilde publishes a sonnet dedicated to Sarah Bernhardt June 11, 1879
Wilde reviews the Encyclopedia Britannica in the Athenaeum

September 4, 1879
Wilde asks Clara Morris to be the heroine his play Vera

September 1880
Wilde admires Hermann Vezin's performance in Iago

October 4, 1880
Hardy publishes "The Trumpet-Major" October 26, 1880
Hardy publishes "A Laodicean" December 1881 Woolf's step-sister Laura receives Victorian treatment for abnormal children 1882 - 1897
Woolf remembers intense moments of shock, interrupting moments of "non-being" 1882 - 1895 Woolf had little privacy as a child 1882 - 1905
Wilde reports his American lecture tour a success January 15, 1882 Wilde visits Walt Whitman January 18, 1882
Woolf is named after her mother's dead sister January 25, 1882 Wilde lectures to a 2500 person audience in Chicago February 15, 1882
Wilde lectures eleven consecutive nights at eleven different cities February 28, 1882 Wilde writes to Walt Whitman March 1, 1882
Wilde writes to John Keats's niece March 21, 1882 Wilde lectures to the Mormons April 17, 1882