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Thomas Hardy, Sr. (father of Thomas Hardy) dies July 20, 1892 Wilde's A Woman of No Importance opens April 19, 1893
Leslie Stephen expect Virginia Woolf to become an author July 29, 1893 Woolf suffers a mental breakdown after her mother's death 1895
Wilde's An Ideal Husband opens January 3, 1895 Wilde's The Importance of Being Earnest opens February 14, 1895
Wilde charges the Marquess of Queensberry with criminal libel March 1, 1895 Wilde's case against the Marquess of Queensberry begins April 3, 1895
Wilde is taken under arrest April 5, 1895 Wilde is charged with committing "gross indecency" under the Criminal Law Amendment Act April 6, 1895
Wilde's trial begins April 26, 1895 Wilde's first trial ends, with the jury unable to reach a verdict May 1, 1895 - May 7, 1895
Woolf is traumatized by her mother's death May 5, 1895 Woolf describes Leslie Stephen after her mother's death May 5, 1895
Wilde's second trial begins May 20, 1895 Wilde is sentenced to two years' hard labour May 25, 1895
Hardy publishes "Jude the Obscure" November 1, 1895 Wilde anonymously publishes 19 aphorisms in the Saturday Review November 17, 1895
Joyce, "Trust Not Appearances" 1896 Woolf is privately tutored in the classics 1897
Woolf receives volumes of Sir Walter Scott and Thomas Carlyle January 25, 1897 Woolf receives film from Thoby for her 15th birthday February 1, 1897
Woolf attempts to translate Hans Christian Andersen February 17, 1897 Woolf sees the Queen pass, reminiscent of Mrs. Dalloway February 24, 1897
Woolf reads her grandfather's Essays in Ecclesiastical Biography February 24, 1897 Woolf's doctor approves starting lessons again February 27, 1897
Hardy publishes "The Well-Beloved: A Sketch of Temperament" March 1897 Woolf visits the National Portrait Gallery to see George Eliot and Elizabeth Barrett Browning March 11, 1897
Woolf reads George Eliot and Henry James March 18, 1897 Woolf reads Elizabeth Gaskell's Wives and Daughters for a second time March 21, 1897
Woolf attends church, refusing to kneel March 28, 1897 Woolf discusses attending King's College with her father May 6, 1897
Wilde is released from prison, having served his full two-year sentence May 19, 1897 Wilde requests a six-month retreat to a Jesuit church May 19, 1897
Woolf attends the Queen's Diamond Jubilee June 22, 1897 Woolf reads George Eliot's Adam Bede August 13, 1897
Woolf reads her father's Life of Henry Fawcett August 23, 1897 Wilde reunites with Lord Alfred Douglas August 28, 1897
Constance Wilde forbids Oscar to see Lord Alfred Douglas September 29, 1897 Woolf begins classes at King's College October 16, 1897