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Joyce speaks with W.B. Yeats about Irish folk, art October 1902 Joyce opines on Homer, Dante, and Plato to Padraic Colum October 1902
Yeats's reaction to meeting James Joyce October 1902 Joyce begins medical school in Dublin October 1902
Woolf becomes a bookbinder October 1902 Joyce receives his University College degree October 31, 1902
Joyce writes Lady Gregory for help with medical school in Paris November 1902 Joyce visits Lady Gregory at Coole November 1902
Joyce visits E.V. Longworth November 1902 Yeats writes to James Joyce about his first Dublin departure November 1902
Joyce is invited with dinner with W.B. Yeats and Lady Gregory November 4, 1902 Joyce applies to medical school in Paris November 18, 1902
Joyce applies to medical school in Paris November 18, 1902 Joyce splits with John Francis Byrne after quarrel December 1902
Joyce first meets Oliver Gogarty December 1902 Joyce leaves Ireland for the first time December 1, 1902
Yeats receives James Joyce in London December 2, 1902 Joyce first meets Arthur Symons December 2, 1902
Joyce departs London for Paris December 2, 1902 Joyce, "An Irish Poet" December 11, 1902
Joyce, "George Meredith" December 11, 1902 Joyce to his mother on his plan to divide his existence December 15, 1902
Yeats offers James Joyce publishing advice, critique of a poem December 18, 1902 Joyce leaves Paris and returns to Dublin December 22, 1902 - December 23, 1902
Joyce describes intoxication in an epiphany 1903 Joyce loses ambition during a bout of drinking 1903
Joyce inserts fragments of Stanislaus's diary in his writing 1903 Joyce uses a letter from Stanislaus as core of 'Ivy Day' 1903
May Joyce's poor condition slows Joyce's writing 1903 Joyce converses with Colum about the Irish Revival, Ibsen, and Colum's new play 1903
Joyce, criticism by George Moore 1903 Joyce, writing about mother's death 1903
Stanislaus writes about Joyce's character in his diary 1903 Eliot is influenced by ragtime in St. Louis 1903
Joyce writes two new poems January 1903 - February 1903 Joyce's early associations in Paris January 1903
Joyce leaves Dublin for the second time and arrives in Paris January 17, 1903 - January 23, 1903 Joyce studying at the Bibliothéque Nationale January 24, 1903
Joyce reads Aristotle at the Bibliothéque Nationale January 24, 1903 Joyce's reading at the Bibliothéque Nationale; reexpression of comedy vs. tragedy January 24, 1903