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Woolf receives a volume of Michel de Montaigne from Thoby Stephen January 25, 1903 Joyce asks brother for works by Wagner, Grant Allen January 25, 1903
Joyce, "Today and Tomorrow in Ireland" January 29, 1903 Joyce receives birthday letter from his father January 31, 1903
Joyce attends Sarah Berhnardt's revival of Andromaque February 8, 1903 Joyce: "I will write only the things that approve themselves to me..." February 8, 1903
Joyce "seriously thinking of entering the church" February 26, 1903 Russell writes Thomas Mosher about Joyce March 1903
Joyce discovers Édouard Dujardin March 1903 - April 1903 Joyce's association with Synge and reaction to Riders to the Sea March 6, 1903 - March 13, 1903
Joyce associates with John Synge, reacts to Riders to the Sea March 6, 1903 - March 13, 1903 Joyce's association with Synge and reaction to Riders to the Sea March 6, 1903 - March 13, 1903
Joyce asks for a copy of "Everyman" March 9, 1903 Woolf discusses Russia and Thackeray with Beatrice Chamberlain April 1903
Joyce asks for a Plasto's hat from his mother April 4, 1903 Joyce receives telegram: "MOTHER DYING COME HOME FATHER." April 10, 1903
Joyce departs Paris for Dublin for the second time April 11, 1903 Woolf keeps her letters to Violet Dickinson, so their "romantic friendship" is private May 4, 1903
Woolf enjoys reading in the country July 1, 1903 Woolf writes on "the common mind that binds the whole world together" July 1, 1903
Woolf mocks a conversation about religion with Dorothea Stephen July 7, 1903 Woolf describes her Greek tutor, Janet Case July 22, 1903
Woolf outlines her Greek lessons with Janet Case July 22, 1903 Woolf visits Stonehenge August 1903
Woolf comments on Thomas Hardy's Tess of the D'Urbervilles August 1903 Woolf reads James Boswell August 1903
Joyce's mother dies, and James and Stanislaus refuse to kneel in prayer August 13, 1903 Woolf is affected by a woman's suicide September 1903
Joyce reviews again for the Daily Express then stops reviewing forever September 3, 1903 - November 19, 1903 Joyce's attempt to start halfpenny daily newspaper fails November 19, 1903 - December 10, 1903
Joyce translates Maeterlinck and briefly holds sub-editorship at the Irish Bee-Keeper December 1903 Joyce, interest in socialism and Benjamin Tucker December 1903
Joyce begins reading Nietzsche December 1903 Joyce to Constantine Curran on Dubliners, "paralysis" 1904
Joyce teaches at the Clifton School, Dalkey 1904 Woolf's worldview is shaped by her experiences as a woman patient 1904 - 1932
Woolf becomes ill after her father's death 1904 Woolf recovers after her 1904 illness 1904
Woolf writes her "Note" for Fred Maitland's biography of Leslie Stephen 1904 Woolf compulsively reads to compensate for not having a university education 1904 - 1906