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Woolf moves to Bloomsbury to escape the past 1904 - 1906 Woolf teaches English literature to working men and women 1904 - 1906
Joyce writes an autobiographical story entitled 'A Portrait of the Artist' January 7, 1904 Joyce, 'a fluid succession of presents' in the first draft of 'A Portrait' January 7, 1904
Hardy publishes the first part of "The Dynasts" January 13, 1904 Joyce's 'A Portrait' rejected by both Eglinton and Ryan February 1904
Joyce decides the theme for "Stephen Hero" February 1904 Joyce, decision to make 'Portrait' a novel and Stanislaus's early contributions February 2, 1904
Joyce finishes first chapter of "Stephen Hero" February 10, 1904 Woolf writes about the death of her father Sir Leslie Stephen February 23, 1904
Woolf and Vanessa Bell practice their verbal and visual arts March 1904 Joyce briefly pursues a singing career with lessons and a contest March 1904 - May 16, 1904
Woolf cannot believe Sir Leslie Stephen is dead March 13, 1904 Hardy's mother, Jemima Hardy, dies April 3, 1904
Joyce, a Chamber Music poem is written and published in the Saturday Review April 8, 1904 - May 1904 Woolf writes about her returned mental illness May 10, 1904 - October 1904
Joyce completes a chapter of Stephen Hero June 1904 Joyce meets Nora Barnacle June 10, 1904
Joyce agrees to meet Nora again but she fails to appear June 14, 1904 Joyce requests a psaltery to help present his verse June 16, 1904
Joyce conceives of his Shakespeare-as-cuckold theory June 16, 1904 Joyce's second meeting with Barnacle and its significance to Bloomsday June 16, 1904
Joyce continues to hold the Irish theater in contempt June 20, 1904 Joyce writes 'The Sisters' for the Irish Homestead July 1904
Joyce, 'O sweetheart, hear you' published in the Speaker July 1904 Joyce, 'My love is in a light attire' published in Dana August 1904
Joyce tries unsuccessfully to publish 'The Holy Office' in St. Stephen's August 8, 1904 Joyce, 'The Sisters' is published August 13, 1904
Joyce to Nora on his rejection of home, the Church August 29, 1904 Joyce, 'I would in that sweet bosom be' published in the Speaker September 1904
Joyce, rumors circulate from and visitors call on Sandycove September 1904 Joyce writes two poems suggesting his break with Gogarty September 1904
Joyce writes to the Berlitz school in London about a position in Europe September 1904 Joyce seeks help from literary friends September 1904 - October 1904
Joyce moves to the Martello tower at Sandycove September 9, 1904 Joyce, 'Eveline' published in the Irish Homestead September 10, 1904
Joyce's "Eveline" and "After the Race" is compared to W.B. Yeats's st September 10, 1904 - December 17, 1904 Joyce leaves Sandycove after an incident with a revolver September 14, 1904
Joyce asks Nora to accompany him to Europe September 15, 1904 Joyce to Nora on his desire to leave Ireland September 16, 1904