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Joyce completes the eleventh chapter of Stephen Hero October 1904 Joyce writes the twelfth chapter of Stephen Hero and began 'Christmas Eve' October 1904
Yeats declines James Joyce's Vor Sonnenaufgang October 2, 1904 Joyce and Nora arrive in London and then in Paris October 9, 1904
Joyce and Nora arrive in Zurich October 11, 1904 Joyce and Nora arrive in Trieste, Joyce briefly thrown in jail October 20, 1904
Vanessa Bell describes Virginia Woolf's mental illness October 28, 1904 - November 18, 1904 Woof mistrusts doctors and their "silly medicines" October 30, 1904
Joyce calls Almidano Artifoni "socialist like me" October 31, 1904 Joyce, two earlier poems published in The Venture November 1904
Joyce and Nora arrive in Pola November 1904 Joyce's "Dante and Dino" Italian and association with Francini November 1904 - December 1904
Joyce writes a second series of dicta about his esthetic philosophy November 1904 Joyce, three stages in the apprehension of the beautiful November 1904
Joyce reading Lassalle November 19, 1904 Joyce and Francini began an unfinished translation of Moore's Celibates December 1904
Joyce began learning German December 1904 Woolf moves to Gordon Square, in the center of Bloomsbury December 1904
Woolf was expected to write as the daughter of Leslie Stephen December 1904 Woolf feels that "genius" is "not a word to be used rashly" December 1, 1904
Joyce reads the Souvenirs of Renan December 3, 1904 Joyce reads Henry James's "Madonna of the Future" December 3, 1904
Joyce on Nora's childhood sexuality December 3, 1904 Joyce asks Stanislaus to research midwifery, embryology December 3, 1904
Woolf reflects on her mentally ill sister Laura December 6, 1904 Joyce completes Ch. XII and XIII of Stephen Hero December 12, 1904
Joyce finishes Ch. XIV and XV of Stephen Hero December 12, 1904 - January 1905 Joyce, 'After the Race' published in the Irish Homestead December 17, 1904
Joyce and Nora visit a bioscope show December 28, 1904 Joyce's letters home reveal the character of his exile 1905
Woolf returns to St. Ives after her father's death 1905 Woolf's life is based on a memory at St. Ives 1905
Woolf adopts the nickname "The Goat" 1905 Woolf describes Bloomsbury as "full of experiments and reforms" 1905
Woolf describes the men of Bloomsbury 1905 Woolf writes her inital journalism anonymously 1905 - 1906
Woolf recognizes the rewards and frustrations of reviewing 1905 - 1910 Hardy meets Florence Emily Dugdale, who will become his second wife 1905
Bloomsbury's Thursday evenings and Friday Club discussions are regularized January 1905 Woolf reads Walter Pater's The Renaissance January 1905