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(2)Joseph Conrad, The Rescue (1)Joseph Conrad, The Rover (1)Joseph Conrad, The Shadow-Line (1)Joseph Conrad, Victory
(1)Joseph Conrad, Within the Tides: Tales (1)Joyce, Stephen Hero (43)Joyce: Serial Publication (7)Katherine Mansfield, Bliss: and Other Stories
(1)Katherine Mansfield, In a German Pension (2)Katherine Mansfield, Poems (2)Katherine Mansfield, The Garden Party: and Other Stories (2)Katherine Mansfield, The Dove's Nest and Other Stories
(1)Leonard Woolf, Stories of the East (1)Leonard Woolf, The Village in the Jungle (2)Lytton Strachey, Books and Characters (7)Lytton Strachey, Eminent Victorians
(2)Lytton Strachey, Queen Victoria (1)May Sinclair, A Defence of Idealism: Some Questions and Conclusions (1)May Sinclair, Anne Severn and the Fieldings (1)May Sinclair, The Judgment of Eve
(1)May Sinclair, The Romantic (1)May Sinclair, A Journal of Impressions in Belgium (1)Murphy (1)Oscar Wilde, A Woman of No Importance
(1)Oscar Wilde, An Ideal Husband (1)Oscar Wilde, Lady Windermere's Fan

(1)Oscar Wilde, Salome (3)Oscar Wilde, The Duchess of Padua
(3)Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray

(1)Radclyffe Hall, The Well of Loneliness (1)Rebecca West, Henry James (2)Rebecca West, The Judge
(2)Rebecca West, The Return of the Soldier (1)Richard Aldington, Death of a Hero (1)Robert Frost, A Boy's Will (3)Robert Frost, North of Boston
(1)Robert Graves, On English Poetry (1)Robert Graves, Over the Brazier (1)Robert Graves, Parodies and Prisoners (1)Robert Graves, The Feather Bed
(1)Robert Graves, The Pier-Glass (1)Robert Graves, Whipperginny (2)Sassoon, Siegfried, The Old Huntsman and Other Poems (7)Sean O'Casey, Juno and the Peacock
(1)Sean O'Casey, Nannie's Night Out (1)Sean O'Casey, The Harvest Festival (2)Sean O'Casey, The Shadow of a Gunman (2)Sean O'Casey, The Silver Tassie
(3)Sean O'Casey, The Plough and the Stars (11)Siegfried Sassoon, Memoirs of a Fox-Hunting Man (1)Sinclair Lewis, Babbitt (2)T. S. Eliot, Murder in the Cathedral
(7)T. S. Eliot, Poems (15)T. S. Eliot, Prufrock and Other Observations (1)T. S. Eliot, The Family Reunion (7)T. S. Eliot, The Sacred Wood
(24)T. S. Eliot, The Waste Land (1)T.S. Eliot, "Inventions of the March Hare" (2)Virginia Woolf, Between the Acts (8)Virginia Woolf, Jacob's Room